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Stop Press! New events planned! Yoga classes and a Vintage Tea Party with entertainment from ‘Two Ladies and a Piano’.

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Appleby is a small picturesque village in North Lincolnshire, rich in history and agricultural tradition, boasting a beautiful Church and stunning village architecture including 18th century stone cottages, distinctive brick and stone Estate Cottages from the 19th century and the locally renowned Thatched Cottage! Mentioned in the Doomsday Book, the village does not have any shops or public houses, but does boast a thriving community.

The Thatched Cottage on Paul Lane, along with other similar designed cottages (but with pantile roofs) were built around 1710.


The attractive ‘Estate Cottages’, to be found on many of the village lanes, were built in the 1880′s.

Ermine St houses east

The village lies about 5 km to the north-east of Scunthorpe, straddling the B1207 – the historic Ermine Street.

Snow around Appleby (30)

Appleby is skirted to the east by the River Ancholme, a tributary of the River Humber, running from Bishopbridge through Brigg before flowing North into the Humber at South Ferriby. The village is approximately a mile from the Ancholme across a stretch of agricultural land known as Appleby Carrs. The impressive structure in the photo below is Saxby Bridge.

Saxby Bridge (72)

The population of the parish as reported in the 2001 census returns was 597, residing in the 180 or so properties within the village and within the additional properties in the hamlets of Low Risby, High Risby, Santon and Raventhorpe.


St Bartholomew’s Church . . .

Snow around Appleby (12)b

. . . and the Village Hall both play their part in community events and gatherings.

Village Hall (3)

The large and attractive village playing field is the home of the ever popular annual Fayre as well as hosting regular local football matches. It also has a well equipped play area.

Appleby Fayre 2011 (42)

Set in wonderfully rural surroundings, Appleby has retained a sense of community and self worth. We are proud to share with you some of the sights, characters and wonders, old and new, that have helped to form our love of Appleby and its rich heritage, together with an idiosyncratic accompaniment of illustrative stories, photographs and poetry.

Re vamped village sign