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Contacts: Chairman – John Owston  

Co-ordinator – Ivor Keyes

Latest News! The wind farm proposal is NOT going ahead!

Please read this for further information: Victory Letter 

Appleby Parish Council have received a scoping request for a 14 turbine wind farm to be sited on land known as Appleby Carrs to the south of the village.

Full details may be found in this document.

Update – November 25 2013: Comments following a village meeting on the 12th September, by John Owston:

The meeting was attended by over 100 villagers. The overwhelming majority expressed their concern about the proposed ʻwind farmʼ on Appleby Carrs, a group of volunteers agreed to join together to articulate those concerns. That group has now been formed and I was elected chairman, an honour, but one I accepted with some trepidation. I am greatly indebted to the other members of the group for all their hard work and enthusiasm. In future newsletters we will keep you updated with progress and practical suggestions about how your voice can be heard. In the opening paragraph, I deliberately put the words wind farm in inverted commas because, in reality, these structures have nothing whatsoever to do with farming. ʻWind farmʼ is merely an expression that has come about over time and which the developers like to use because it deflects from what they really are – and ought more properly to be called – WIND TURBINE GENERATING PLANT.

Nevertheless, we have decided to call ourselves the APPLEBY WIND FARM GROUP (AWFG), partly because everybody knows what a wind farm is and partly because AWTGPG would be such a mouthful! . Weʼve created a logo,  which you will see at the top of this web page, with the strap line “Conserving Applebyʼs Rural Environment”. That is precisely what we aim to do and we feel that the logo creates a simple visual statement about the values we hold dear in this village. The fact that its initials make up the word CARE is entirely intentional Appleby Wind Farm Group CARE (Conserving Applebyʼs Rural Environment) in short: AWFG.

Here, turbines have been superimposed on photographs taken by the Appleby Wind Farm Group to give an impression of what the view could look like should the proposed wind farm be constructed. The placement of the turbines is taken from the  scoping report and is likely to be different should a planning application be submitted.

Update – August 19 2013, 7pm – Meeting to discuss the issue at the Village Hall:

Comments from Appleby resident ‘An excellent turn out for the village, with standing room only! A show of hands showed that there was a great opposition to the wind farm which was nem con i.e. everyone present as far as could be seen was against the development with no show in favour of the wind farm. The first job is to sit down with those offering their services and form a work group.

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