Neighbourhood Watch

Appleby has an active Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

The village is divided into areas. Each area has their own local co-ordinator. You can download a map showing the divisions from the link at the foot of this page.

If you see any suspicious behaviour or wish to report an incident, please contact the appropriate co-ordinator from the list below. If the person for your area is unavailable please ring ANY of the telephone numbers on the list.

It doesn’t matter how trivial your observation might appear – taken together with other pieces of information, you might be helping to prevent a crime taking place. Together we can make a difference.

Safer Neighbourhood: Sandra Joyce – 01724 244637‬

Police – Non Emergency: Dial 101 or 08450 6060222

Police, Fire, Ambulance – Emergency: Dial 999

Chief Co-ordinator for Appleby: Roger Fernando

Area 1: Ermine Street north

Mr D Coote

Area 2: Ermine Street south

Mr D Hall

Area 3: Paul Lane

Mrs M Welch

Area 4: School Lane top end and Manor Farm

Mrs C Garratt

Area 5: Haytons lane

Mrs Denise Prior

Area 6: School Lane lower end

Mr A Palmer

Area 7: Churchside

Mr J Owston

Area 8: Carr Lane

Mr T Beisty

Area 9: Church Lane

Mike Fox

Area 10: Vicarage Drive

Ivor Keyes

Area 11: Vicarage Park

Mr I Keyes

Area 12: Appleby Station

Mrs J Johnson