Seasonal Poem and Photograph

Appleby – Pure Gold

Away from Scunthorpe’s urban sprawl

And it’s thickly choking steel black pall,

Nestling in a verdant fold

Close to Lincolnshire’s fabled Wold,

Lies our Village – a shining jewel

No shop, or pub or even school!

Dating back to ancient times,

A church with bells, but long lost chimes.

A Village Hall with community café

Where locals gather to have a laff!

A village Fayre and cottage thatched

Model cottages mixed and matched.

Gardens pretty, neat, well kept

Paths and pavements all well swept

Where children, cats and puppies play

Enjoying peace the live long day.

Free from graffiti, litter, grime.

A haven safe, with little crime.

Where swallows soar, larks take wing

Robins bob and Blackbirds sing.

A bucolic idyll steeped in charms

Enclosed by fresh air, peace and farms.

Sunsets blush the evening skies

And Produce Shows are filled with pies!

When all is said and truth be told

Appleby truly is – Pure Gold!

1940s Day scarecrows