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Come For Coffee!

Appleby Going For A Walk Board Game

Please print out the game for your own use or alternatively download the high resolution version: BOARD GAME 2020 .

Come For Coffee – Playing Rules

1: 2 – 4 players – 2 pieces per player

2: Use 1 dice and shaker. Throw highest number to start

3: Go again if you throw a 6

3: Go back to the start if your piece gets landed on by another player on EVEN NUMBERS OR BACK 4 SPACES ON ODD NUMBERS (or back to the start if the opposition is on position 4, 3, 2, or 1) ignoring any actions this may result in

4: Exact number to finish


Rules Addendum*:

5: A space can only be occupied by 2 playing pieces from the same player

6: If a RED, GREEN OR BLACK ACTION PLACE results in a piece landing on an opponent’s playing piece then the opponent is subject to rule 3

7: A player MUST always move his playing piece if possible

8: A player is deemed to have made his move once he has removed his hand from his playing piece

9: If a player lands on a ‘miss a go’ having thrown a 6 then they forfeit the extra throw that the 6 qualifies them and they have no need to miss a turn

10: If you land on ‘have another go’ having thrown a 6, then you get 2 additional goes

10a: If you have to stop for an Ice Cream it means you have to buy one next time you see the Ice Cream man!

*additional rules may follow.

Enjoy the game!

The Appleby Quiz

The 2015 Appleby quiz is here!

To test your knowledge of the Parish the quiz is based on the history, features and landmarks around the village and outlying hamlets – don’t worry if you don’t know the answer, make a guess or search the website for the correct answer.

Good luck!