The dwellings built from the early 1700’s were simple stone cottages, pantile roofs, with probably two rooms downstairs. Many examples of these cottages remain in the village, some of which are pictured below.

cottage em st 2


Around the village 2 (7)

cottage sc ln

Ermine Street Middle

ermine Street cottages

Appleby has a rich abundance of cottages built by the Winn Estate in the 1880’s on Ermine Street.

Here are some examples showing different cottage styles.
Note the ubiquitous and highly distinctive decorative brickwork and clay pantile roofs.

Ermine Street 10

School Lane

Ermine St houses east

Ermine st houses east 2

Ermine St houses west

You can read more about the architectural heritage and development of Appleby on the History Page.

An Appleby Village Design Statement was produced in 1998 by the Parish Council, North Lincs Council and the residents of Appleby

VDS Cover


A very interesting read from the diary of Abraham De La Pryme has several references to Appleby. You can find the pages by opening the online book and going to the Index.

Abraham de la Pryme