Historic Photographs

We have an ever increasing collection of photographs depicting scenes and faces from the past. It is wonderful to be able to share them with a wider audience. If you would like to submit any photos in your possession which you think others would find interesting I would be pleased to add them to the collection here.

Thanks to Jen for these fantastic photos from her mum’s collection. Jen’s Grandma, Dorothy Bramwell, was teaching at Messingham then got a headship at Appleby and moved to the Appleby schoolhouse in 1946. And her mum, Marion Bramwell, went to Scunthorpe Grammar School till she was 18 (1955) then went to teacher training college at Darlington.  She taught in Grimsby for a year then got a job in Appleby with her mother.  She got married in 1960 and taught till her first child in 1964.

Below: Margaret Haggitt, Dorothy (sister not mother) Bramwell, the Duckitt boy, and Marion Bramwell –

app e

And the Old Schoolhouse –

app c

The school –

app a

And schoolchildren. Left to right: Michael Walker, Kenneth Heeley, John Driffill, Mark Herring, John Marris and Margaret Haggitt –

Appleby schoolchildren

The Women’s Institute on a trip to Leethwaithe. Dorothy Bramwell is fourth from right on back row –


A super photograph dated 1956 of some schoolchildren enjoying their Christmas party!

app school

A sketch by the late Mr Charles Elerington –

app sketch

And finally from Jen, this photo of the cricket team: Sid Hutson, Pete Lowe, Gordon Duckitt, Eric Healey, Harry Stevenson, David Walters, Ralph Barrett.  Bottom row – Don Welch, George Johnson, Norman Jackson, Alan Maw and Bernard Day –


‘Peace Around The Corner’, from the Lincs and South Humberside Times, August 16th 1974 –

Peace around the corner 1


Peace around the corner 2

Newspaper clip from the August 30th 1958 edition of the Lincolnshire Times –

Beautiful Appleby 1

Beautiful Appleby 2

A superb photo of the station and house. Can anyone date it?

Appleby station

A newspaper clipping, I am not sure of the year. Can anyone tell me when this train crash occurred?

Train crash, newspaper clipping

Another interesting newspaper clipping. This one is from The Star, 12.3.76 –


And this one from 20.8.58 holds some interesting views from village residents:

Appleby Neatest Village newspaper clip, 20.8.58

Thank you to Mr Peter Wright for this marvellous postcard depicting School Lane and probably dating from around 1910 –


And written on the back –


A scenic Beck Lane with the Thatched Cottage plainly on view. The church can just be spotted in the distance –

4 Beck Lane

The attractive Lodge Cottage, below, with the original thatched roof –


The photograph of Ermine Street below, was taken from a postcard addressed to Mrs Chappell at Barton upon Humber from A.E.H.! The wording reads:

Dear M, I thought I would keep to my promise for once. I hope you will like this PC it’s G tho ??? is the gent? Hope your cold is better mine has been a bit rough since I got back, with love to you and C and aunt and uncle, yours AEH. Reggie is not going to stop with you.
Postmarked Appleby and it looks to be 1906.

black and white ermine st rri

Thanks to Peter Bee for sending us this scan of a Postcard dated 27th March 1915 showing Cross Cottage from Ermine Street with the Old Estate House in the background. The postcard was originally sent to his Grandmother from her Aunt.

ermine street postcard

The Ermine Street – Risby Road junction.
At one time, Appleby had a weekly market, on a Thursday. The stones at the crossroads are believed to be the remains of the market cross and it is deemed to be unlucky to move them. The Elm tree was removed in 1979 after it succumbed to Dutch Elm disease. You can just see the traditional red telephone box in the left of the picture.

crossroads from pam this england 1990 bw ri

The Hall, Appleby, in land adjacent to Church Lane and home of the Winn family. The building was lost in a fire in the early 1930’s –

old b&w hall-000

Roger Davey (in front) and Richard Blanchard test drive their latest trolley design.
Behind, the white building is the old Reading Room!
St Bartholomew’s Church completes the scene.

Pic 8

Caroline, now Roger’s wife, walking down School Lane near the old school railings.

Pic 7

The village shop and Post office situated on Ermine Street, around 1970 –

Ermine Street Then - 1980's b&w

The War Memorial with a newly planted tree. the old farm buildings behind have been converted into dwellings now.


A delightful scene from a Garden Party at The Vicarage.
Click on the photograph to examine a larger image – do you remember anyone in the picture?

Pic 4

The Thatched Cottage in Paul Lane when it wasn’t thatched!
The Elm trees were felled when they became diseased.

Pic 6

The leading magazine for the county, Lincolnshire Life, featured Appleby many times. Here are covers from 1964 and 1976. The first one shows the Thatched Cottage with a pantile roof, the second cover features the Ermine Street / Risby Road crossroads with the Elm tree – this was felled in the summer of 1978.




And in 1980

lincolnshire life cover

Inconsiderate parking has always been a problem in Appleby!



Another view of Lodge Cottage, Ermine Street, below.